How Many Parks Are In Boulder?

May 01, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Boulder, Colorado, is an outdoor lover’s paradise. With over 59 parks and open spaces, Boulder has much to offer hikers, runners, climbers, bird watchers, and anyone who loves the great outdoors.

From tranquil ponds and lush gardens to rocky peaks for trailblazing adventures - the parks around Boulder provide experiences you can savor all year round! In this blog post, we will explore some of the best parks in (and around) Boulder so that you can make the most of your time outside while visiting or living here.

Whether you’re looking for a casual stroll among a picturesque landscape or a vigorous full-day trek up one of Boulder's majestic mountains, we guarantee plenty of options are available. Let's begin exploring these incredible outdoor experiences in and near beautiful Boulder!

Explore the beauty of Boulder Creek Path - a 9-mile linear park along Boulder Creek.

The Boulder Creek Path is a dream for outdoor enthusiasts! This 9-mile linear park along Boulder Creek stretches from the north side of town to the south, offering stunning vistas and plenty of places to explore.

Along the route, you will find lush gardens, rolling hillsides blanketed with wildflowers, picnic areas and playgrounds, and areas open for fishing. Whether you want to stroll or embark on an adventurous run – this path has something for everyone.

Plus, it's conveniently located near some of the city’s best attractions, such as Pearl Street Mall and Chautauqua Park. Enjoy the beauty of nature while exploring one of Boulder’s most beloved parks!

Visit Chautauqua Park, a historic park with amazing views of the Flatirons and downtown Boulder.

Chautauqua Park is one of the best parks in (and around) Boulder. Located at the foot of the Flatirons and just minutes from downtown, it features sublime views and many activities to entertain you.

It was established in 1898 as a campground for summer retreats, but today its recreational offerings include hiking trails, rock climbing, playgrounds, picnic areas, tennis courts, an amphitheater, and more. There's even an 18-hole disc golf course for those looking for something different!

Whether visiting or living in Boulder - Chautauqua Park should be on your list of places to explore. With its amazing views and array of outdoor activities, there's something here for everyone.

Walk through Wonderland Lake Park to enjoy its tranquil atmosphere, playgrounds, and picnic areas.

Wonderland Lake Park is a great place to take a stroll and enjoy the tranquility of nature. Located in north Boulder, this park offers stunning views of the Rocky Mountains to the west and has plenty of activities for all ages.

The playgrounds are perfect for kids, while adults can relax with a picnic or fish at the lake. There are also plenty of paths to explore, with more than two miles of trails along Wonderland Creek.

No matter what you're looking for - from watching birds or searching out wildflowers - Wonderland Lake Park is sure to provide an enjoyable outdoor experience. With many areas to explore and activities available, it's easy to see why Wonderland Lake Park remains one of the best parks in (and around)Boulder.

Enjoy breathtaking views at Flagstaff Mountain Park while hiking or biking its trails.

Flagstaff Mountain Park is a hiker’s paradise just outside of Boulder. This park offers stunning views of the Flatirons, Indian Peaks, Longs Peak, and various hiking and biking trails. The summit trail is an easy out-and-back hike that leads to incredible vistas of the city below.

Whether you stroll around or tackle more challenging terrain, Flagstaff Mountain Park has something for everyone. Additionally, numerous picnic sites are located along the trails where visitors can take a break and enjoy their surroundings before returning.

With its breathtaking views, Flagstaff Mountain Park is one of the best places in (and around) Boulder to spend an afternoon outdoors!

Get in touch with nature at the Boulder Valley Ranch, where you can go bird-watching, fishing, and horseback riding.

The Boulder Valley Ranch is an outdoor lover's paradise just west of Boulder. With over 1,600 acres of lush meadows and rolling hillsides, it’s the perfect place to experience nature. Whether you go bird watching, fishing in one of the two stocked ponds, or take a horseback ride along miles of trails - this park offers something for everyone.

The area also features picnic areas and playgrounds for those who want a less strenuous day outdoors.

If you’re looking for adventure, there is plenty to explore here; rock climbing and mountain biking are popular activities at Boulder Valley Ranch. And if that weren’t enough, the ranch has stunning views of the Flatirons and the Rocky Mountains - perfect for a peaceful day of meditation in nature.

Get up close and personal at Valmont City Park for serious outdoor recreation activities like disc golf and slacklining.

Valmont City Park is the largest park in Boulder, covering over 200 acres of open space. It's a popular spot for outdoor recreation activities such as disc golf, fishing, and slacklining. With an array of trails to explore and picnic areas to relax in, you can easily while away the day at this beautiful park.

If you're feeling adventurous, grab your bike and hit up one of the many mountain biking trails - or challenge yourself on the rope climbing course! The park also has several public art installations and a sculpture garden for those who want to take it easy and admire the views.

No matter what activity you choose, Valmont City Park provides plenty of opportunities for adventure seekers or nature lovers alike.

Drive to Eldorado Canyon State Park and explore its magnificent red rocks, cliffs, and challenging hiking trails.

Eldorado Canyon State Park is a magical place located just outside of Boulder. With its stunning red rocks, cliffs, and challenging hiking trails, this park offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether looking for an easy stroll through the canyon or an intense climb up one of the peaks, Eldorado Canyon has plenty to offer. The views from the summit of Redgarden Wall are breathtaking - and well worth the effort it takes to get there.

For those who want a more relaxed experience, there are miles of trails with picturesque waterfalls and bubbling streams that make wonderful picnic spots. Whatever your preference, don't miss out on visiting this majestic park when in Boulder!


What is the biggest park in Colorado?

Rocky Mountain National Park is the largest park in Colorado, spanning over 265,000 acres. It offers unforgettable views of the Rocky Mountains and wide-open meadows for outdoor enthusiasts to explore.

What are some popular parks in Boulder?

Boulder's most popular parks include Chautauqua Park, Scott Carpenter Park, Eben G. Fine Park, Valmont City Park, and Boulder Reservoir. Each park offers something different - hiking trails, picnic areas, and playgrounds.

Are there any dog-friendly parks in Boulder?

Yes! Boulder has several dog-friendly parks, including Scott Carpenter Park, Valmont City Park, and Eben G. Fine Park. These parks offer off-leash areas for your pup to use and plenty of and open space for running around!


Boulder is a metropolitan gem of parks, trails, and outdoor activities, offering marvelous scenery, history, and fun. From enjoying a stroll down the Boulder Creek Path to challenging yourself with a mountaineering trek at Eldorado Canyon State Park, there are so many ways you can experience Boulder’s natural beauty. Whether you’re into bird-watching at Boulder Valley Ranch or rock climbing at Flagstaff Mountain Park, all these parks prove how colorful and vibrant life can be in Boulder.

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