The Best Hikes In L.A. To See Dramatic City Views

Feb 16, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Los Angeles enjoys near-constant sunshine and a prime position that makes it possible to visit some of the state's finest beaches and mountains in a single outing. So, while numerous outdoor activities are available, many Angelenos' favourites are hiking. Instead of visiting a rooftop bar the next time you want to take in the sights of the city, put on your hiking boots and walk out into the trail for the following activities. Here is a list of the top walks in Los Angeles, complete with breathtaking vistas of the city or the ocean, depending on your preference.

The Mount Hollywood's Harlie Turner Hiking Path

An overview of Los Angeles from above may be had at the peak of Mount Hollywood. The Pacific Ocean and the Verdugo Mountains may be seen from this vantage point. Pick up the route on the north side of the Observatory parking area to ascend Griffith's tallest peak, Mount Hollywood.

The trail begins in a dense stand of scrub evergreens but soon emerges into the hills, where it winds higher and deeper until the Hollywood Sign appears off to the left after approximately 15 minutes. A large, dusty clearing with picnic tables awaits you at the summit after a brisk 40 minutes of hiking.

Runyon Canyon

Runyon is the place to go in the Hollywood Hills to see the toned bodies and even toned-down residences typical of this area of Los Angeles. The canyon's well-trodden dirt road provides a circuit for walkers, joggers, yogis, and wandering weightlifters.

The canyon's east and west sides provide access to the loop. The ascent is gentle, except for a dangerously narrow and steep part near the canyon's eastern rim. As an alternative, you might take a shorter route from Mulholland Drive.

The Sara Wan Trailhead at Corral Canyon

You can pursue picture-perfect vistas near the place where mountains meet the sea. The raw aspect of Malibu's Corral Canyon makes it stand out. The 2.4-mile trek is relatively easy and unexpectedly lonely, and it has coastal sage scrub, willows clinging to dry slopes, and the occasional rabbit or lizard.

Right from the start, you'll be accompanied by the roar of PCH and the salty smell of the ocean. On this shadeless path, things rapidly calm down and heat up. To descend toward the sea, you should take the first available left.

The switchbacks on the compacted dirt route cut through the wild fennel and rust-coloured grasses along the east side and summit of Corral Canyon.

Baldwin Hills Viewpoint

It seems like a strange location for a state park, atop a hill near the border of Culver City's industrial zone, with oil rigs dotting the landscape. In any case, that's only part of the subtle allure of this urban lookout.

The park's most outstanding feature is the stairs, a set of more than 260 stone slabs that, in under 20 minutes, bring exhausted hikers to the summit of the mountain from the south side of the 10 highway. If this is your first attempt, turn around once you have reached the peak.

That way, the northward perspective of Los Angeles's east-to-west spine will come as more of a pleasant surprise than the more common postcard shot taken from the Hollywood Hills to the south. Look east to see the skyscrapers of Downtown and the suburbs of South Los Angeles.

Echo Mountain (Altadena)

A sign at the trailhead for the Sam Merrill Trail reads, "A calm haven from humans and natural life forever." Even if you'll be here for a few hours, indefinitely isn't too long. Unless you live in the area, save this walk for the weekend instead of trying to squeeze it in on your way home from work.

The trail starts by ascending a canyon wall, and then, approximately 15 minutes later, you reach the mountain's summit. Even from ground level, there are magnificent vistas of Downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena, and the San Gabriel Valley.

At the top, you'll find an intriguing piece of L.A.'s past: In 1894, some forward-thinking capitalists built a railroad to the summit of this mountain and erected a resort they unofficially named the White City, complete with a 70-room house. Two fires destroyed the building less than a decade after it first opened.

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