Top Disney Attractions for Toddlers and Young Kids

Jan 18, 2023 By DanielĀ Jackson

Disney World is, without a doubt, the most enchanted location for children of all ages. Still, there is something particularly extraordinary for young children to experience there. We want them to feel the enchantment that still appears to permeate the air at Disney World since they are our children. This includes taking them on every one of the most exciting and imaginative rides Disney World offers for kids their age. The good news is that we will take care of everything for you! The following is a list of rides in Disney World that are appropriate for toddlers.

The Journey of The Little Mermaid

This musical rendition of the 1989 animated picture features Ariel and her maritime pals and is performed throughout the Magic Kingdom. You'll be able to recreate the film's memorable musical moments, including a breathtaking performance of "Under the Sea," with the help of over 200 animatronics that sings and dance. Although a giant version of the sea witch Ursula makes an appearance (which is worth noting if Ursula happens to be your child's least favorite Disney villain), the water in this attraction is pure Disney magic, so riders need not worry about getting wet.

Dumbo The Flying Elephant

Since the very first day of Disney World in 1971, this classic attraction has been soaring over the Magic Kingdom. Dumbo provides children with an elephant's-eye perspective of the sights and allows them to experience flight in a safe and controlled manner by adjusting the ride's altitude (no feather required). As part of the 2012 makeover of Fantasyland, a substantial-top play area with air conditioning was installed inside the line of this Disney attraction so that children may run about and have fun while waiting for their turn. If Dumbo were one of your favorite movies when you were a kid, this viewing would bring back wonderful childhood memories.

Peter Pan Flight

Without a doubt, Peter Pan's Flight is the best and most popular attraction at Magic Kingdom for children of all ages, but we still find it overrated. The unique feature of Peter Pan's Flight sets it apart from the other dark rides on this list. Although this may not mean much to an adult, it may mean the world to a child. Peter Pan's Flight is a game that benefits immensely from using Genie+. Our Magic Kingdom Genie+ Plan has further details. Or you may get an early start using Magic Kingdom Rope Drop / Early Entry and Peter Pan's Flight.

Astro Orbiter

Arguing about how we rank the three different aerial carousels at Magic Kingdom is fine. There will undoubtedly be young people who prefer one facet of one of these to another, but each will have a devoted following among children. Astro Orbiter offers the most incredible views and the bonus of being elevated to an unprecedented altitude. The classic Dumbo has some excellent vantage points. Although the Magic Carpets of Aladdin may not provide vistas as captivating as others, Aladdin has a sizable following.

Carrousel Of Prince Charming

The carousel that can be seen in Magic Kingdom is called the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel. Even if there isn't much more to say about it beyond that, it's still an incredible journey for children to go on. You won't have to wait in line to go on the ride if you arrive early in the day but wait times of up to 20 minutes are common.

The Jungle Cruise

This was one of the very first rides that Walt Disney ever created. It originated from his wish to include real animals in the parks where he worked. A short boat journey through the animatronic jungles of Asia, Africa, and the Amazon may be experienced on the Jungle Cruise in Adventureland. The cheesy jokes will be lost entirely on most children, but the adults and older children in the audience will find them amusing. This is a ride that every member of the family may take pleasure in together. It undergoes a "rebranding" transformation into the Jingle Cruise throughout Christmas!

The Mad Tea Party

This fast-spinning attraction may appear like it might be too dizzy for small children at first glance, but each rider has the choice to pick how wild (or calm) they want their go-round to be for themselves. Each multicolored teacup, which takes its inspiration from Disney's Alice in Wonderland, comes with a wheel that may be turned quickly, slowly, or not at all. Alice and the Mad Hatter are frequent visitors to the area near the attraction's exit located in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. You should swing over and wish them a happy non-birthday before or after your bike. It doesn't matter.

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